Every spring NAPO members from around the world are beckoned to attend the Annual Conference and Expo. If you have gone in the past, then no one has to tell you what is in store for you. But, if you have never attended a NAPO Conference, you are missing out.

 Why attend?  There are many reasons, but I will highlight just a few.

>  Educational – This is the place for me to expand my knowledge and develop skills. There is always more to learn.

>  Awareness — At the Expo, I become acquainted with companies that produce organizing products and service the organizing industry.

>  Networking – I find plenty of time to meet new organizers and reconnect with old friends. My business succeeds because of the support from colleagues near and far.

>  Expand and grow personally and professionally – Conference provides the spark that ignites enthusiasm, imagination and energy level.  Here is where I become aware of new avenues, learn new techniques, and receive motivation to make my business the best it possibly can be.

NAPO Conference helps me in all these aspects.  Why aren’t you going? Start today to save for next year.

2013 – New Orleans

2012 – Baltimore

2011 – San Diego

2010 – Columbus

2009 – Orlando

2008 NAPO Conference Chapter Dinner

2008 NAPO Conference Chapter Dinner




2008 – Reno

Over 800 members attended the Reno Conference






2007 NAPO Conference Attendees

2007 NAPO Conference Attendees



2007 – Minneapolis (National Golden Circle Chair)








2006 NAPO Conference Attendees

2006 NAPO Conference Attendees



2006 – Boston (National Golden Circle Chair)






2005 NAPO Conference Attendees

2005 NAPO Conference Attendees




2005 – San Diego







2004 Chicago Reflections (National Volunteer)

2003 Denver Reflections

2002 – Atlanta  (National Referral Committee Member)

2001 – Austin, Texas   430 members attended

2000 – Los Angeles

1999 – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

1998 – Portland, Oregon

1997 – Arlington, Virginia

1996 – Santa Clara – My first NAPO Conference

1995 – Joined NAPO and attended Northeast Regional NAPO Conference in Albany, NY

1994 – Started Organizing Resources